Wild Goose Chase theatre company main logo. Inspired by steampunk aesthetic and incorporating writing ephemera and typewriter parts - 2017
Wild goose chase digital alternative logo - 2017
Rachel Paisley business cards and stationary - I created three differerent colourways for the three stands of her business expertise, 2016
rachel paisley card FIRST AID.jpg
rachel paisley card HEALTH.jpg
rachel paisley web banner 1500 x 300 again.jpg
Rachel Paisley - Clinic in Progrss signage
Rachel Paisley - Advertising / information poster for her services
Glasgow LHT logo: ink drawing referencing a court case (Donahue vs Stevenson) in which a snail was found in a ginger beer bottle, 2017
Scottish Youth Poetry Slam - ink and digital colour, 2016
Smearfear - NHS community project. Digital logo created in collaboration witht he public in a series of workshops, 2016
Jassy Earl - photographer. Logos and watermarks as well as other branding items, ink and digital colour, 2015
Salsa Collective - digital design for academic research community for UK scholars studying latinidad, 2015
Ouroborous Marketing - simple graphic digital logo, 2013
Claire Willoughby, DRIP - logo for a theatre show about childhood cancer, 2012
Bangs! magazine - an idiotic satire of Edinburgh Fringe publications with a makeshift aesthetic, 2012
Oxfam Glasgow Fundraising Team - volunteered logo for a fundraising cycle ride to the Falkirk Wheel, 2011
Pipless jam - my first business! It morphed into illustration, etc. over time, 2008
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