At the moment I have been pretty intensely working as an illustrator on a project for artist, Hannah Hull. It has involved a lot of late nights and pretty serious subject matter, but despite all that, it's been a great ride. Hannah has been working with young people who hear voices in London. They needed someone to take their explorations into their experiences and turn them into images. I have been so glad to be the person that brings their ideas to life - hopefully they'll like the finished articles!

Mosaic bust - front and side views

Mosaic bust - front and side views

Celebrating women!

As part of Illustrious Glasgow with Doors Open Day, I have been illustrating a new local building each month along with mini facts about it. This month it was International Women's Day - a good sort of day that is one of my favourite days to celebrate. GO TEAM WOMAN! Anyway, here's the fact we selected - between DOD, the Glasgow Women's library and myself. Can't believe it exists here in Glasgow. It makes me proud to be a citizen of this lovely city. GO TEAM GLASGOW!

The Glasgow Women's library in Bridgeton.

The Glasgow Women's library in Bridgeton.

I'm back!

I didn't actually go anywhere, but with all the updating on other bits of the site and actual REAL work, this sort of got missed for... several months! I can't keep up with EVERYTHING. Instagram, twitter and facebook are pretty much daily, so if you need a fix, that's where to head!

The latest here is that things are busy (hooray!) with making a map for Rozelle in Ayrshire, working as a live illustrator on Madlove for most of 2016 and keeping up with my 'Illustrious Glasgow' monthly fact drawings for Glasgow Doors Open Day. There's other wee things going on in the background, but more on those as we go! It's all going on here at HQ.

Want to work with me? Want me to work on something for you? Just want to say "hiya!"? Then get in touch!

Items for the Rozelle map. March 2016

Items for the Rozelle map. March 2016

Barras Banchetto

The Barras Banchetto took place last weekend and was a celebration and discussion of the Glasgow Barras over a 'designed' meal. Along with the Pantry Cafe on London road, we came up with two delicious sandwiches and a way of wrapping it; printed paper that turns into an information vortex (haha), sandwich spikes and stickers. See more in this facebook album - more on this site soon!


It's all new here, so be patient! There's a heap more content to arrive, but I was so excited with the new look that I wanted you to see it as soon as possible!


7 james watt rosemary cunningham.jpg

The first of three huge alumni to be part of the new University of Glasgow shop range! This is the first of the imaginatively titled 'Famous Faces', James Watt. Turns out there was a heck of a lot to squeeze in - coming soon to a mug, tote, print and much more! Stay tuned for the other two big names!

Want to see near daily progress through March 2015? Head to my facebook, twitter or instagram - the icons are at the bottom of the web page. Enjoy!