Will you be my Valentine?

Goodbye January blues and good riddance, it's time for February and the month of luuurve! Here at Illustration, etc. we don't really go in for the Hallmark 'Roses are red and Valentine's Day is just for young love birds' approach. Love is for everyone! Hooray! And even though we're willing to admit that Valentine's Day is one of the sillier holidays, it's always good to have an excuse to tell someone how much they mean to you - whether that be a partner, a sibling, a pal or yer mammy! Illustration, etc. have a selection of Valentine's cards (including two brand new laser cut cards! Oo, futuristic!) that are silly, whimsical and refreshingly cheese-lite (or dairy-free for the more lactose-intolerant lover) for your lucky loved one of choice. Check them out and make someone's day here