1. La Pasionaria - statue of Dolores Ibárruri in Glasgow
2. Guerilla Girls - feminist arts collective
3, Millicent Fawcett - turn of the century English Suffragist
4. Ishbel McFarlane - theatre maker and Scots language champion
5. Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures) - 20th century African American mathematician for NASA
6. Ellie Simmonds - British paralympic champion swimmer
7. Helen Keller - turn of the 19th / 20th century deaf blind activist and communicator
8. The Brontë sisters - 19th century writers of literary masterpieces
9. Chelsea Manning - trans former soldier involved with exposing war crimes
10. Femen - femimist collective known for topless protests
11. Mother Teresa - 20th century Catholic humanitarian
12. Malala - Pakistani activist for female education, shot by the Taliban
13. Victoria Wood - 20th century British social commentator and comedian
14. Equal Marriage - recognition of same sex marriage in 20 countries
15. Maya Angelou - 20th century Africa American civil rights activist, poet and author
16. Mulan - 6th century Chinese warrior
17. Beatrix Potter - 19th - 20th century English author and illustrator
18. Alison Lapper - 21st century disabled artist
19. Emma Rice - 21st theatre director and artistic director of the Globe theatre
20. Mae West - 20th century Hollywood icon and sex symbol
21. FGM (female genital mutilation) - raising awareness of the issue
22. Mo Mowlam - 20th century Labour politician
23. Young Dutch diarist and holocaust victim
24. Sara Losh - 19th century Cumbrian architect
25. Helen Sharman - first Briton in space
26. Rosa Parks - 20th century African American civil rights activist
27. Marie Curie - French Polish chemist working in radiology
28. Witch Trials - historical (and also present day) persecution of women as witches
29. Mary Barbour - Scottish wartime protestor and magistrate
30. Serena and Venus Williams - African American champion tennis players and sisters
31. Michelle Obama - 21st century lawyer, activist, first lady
32. Jane Goodall - primate expert and conservationist
33. Simone de Beauvoir - 20th century French writer, feminist and philosopher
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